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Postech Company Ethics

Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics

POSTECH DIRECT builds its relationship with stakeholders on integrity. POSTECH DIRECT follows the inclusive approach of corporate governance. POSTECH DIRECT recognizes that all stakeholders need to be considered when developing strategies not only shareholders.

POSTECH DIRECT obey all external controls which include Company law, Environmental law and Labor legislation.

We hold ourselves responsible for the quality of our product and service. We adhere to ethical principles which include responsibility, honesty, fairness and respect. This ensures spectacular services to our customers.

Ethical Standards

  1. Responsible and accountable to all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, society and the state.
  2. Avoiding conflict of interest by setting mechanisms in place and disclosing conflict when it occurs.
  3. We believe that our actions are transparent and that outsiders can make a meaningful analysis of our company.
  4. Discipline – We commit to accept advice and counsel from external controls.
  5. We are aware of, and respond to, social and environmental issues and place a high priority on ethical standards.
  6. We do not discriminate against race, religion or gender.
  7. We acknowledge and respect various groups, including culture and religions.
  8. We refrain from using assets and other resources for personal benefit.
  9. We do not tolerate dishonesty, fraud, theft or any other form of misrepresentation.
  10. Agreements entered into with POSTECH DIRECT are honored.

By adhering to the above we achieve our goals with honesty, fairness and success.

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