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Butchery Software

Point of sale software for Abattoirs - Butcheries -
Meat Plants

MEATMAN Benefits include:

  • Cash Flow and Profit Management
  • Accurate COSTING of carcasses and primal
  • Calculates selling prices of recipe and all other products
  • Integration with third party systems such as Point of Sale, Accounting System and Scales
  • Control of stock inventory per item
  • Manages re-wraps and much more
  • Debtors/Creditors Control
  • Gross Profit Management
  • Stock Shortage Control


Some of Freddy Hirsch Meatman’s leading features are:

Costing Tool:

Makes use of proven methods of costing such as the ‘Block Test’, whilst incorporating recipe costs, packaging, weight loss and area prices.

Waste & Weight Loss:

Actual performance of each stock item can be compared to almost real theoretical values, thus making it easy to discover variances and control.

Recipe Control:

Recipes costed and selling prices determined on a Bill of Materials principle.

Packaging Control:

Actual cost of packaging per kg is used to determine accurate landed costs.

Stock Control & re-ordering:

Details of purchases and sales (from point of sale) available, as well as the system stock on hand; this greatly aids accurate ordering.


Accurate and useful reports to highlight both successes and areas that need attention. Specially designed trading reports compares actual gross profits achieved as well as purchases versus sales comparisons.

Weekly transaction reports:

Reports available for operators that use external accountants without direct interfacing.


The system is capable of interfacing with various Point of Sale systems, Scales, and most of the Mainline Accounting systems.


The system can work either for a large store, managing and evaluating only the butchery as well as handling the entire operation of smaller businesses.

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