Canteen Point of Sale

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Smart Retail

The canteen environment takes many restaurant features into account with the exception that payment is not made with cash, but a special company prepaid debit card. Smart Retail not only manages the food, from raw material to cooked meal, but also facilitates swiping the card and loading credits.

Smart Retail Key Features for Canteen Owners / Managers

Smart Retail Key Features for your Customers

Advanced Product and Stock Control

Smart Retail accurately adds product details and track anywhere in your company.

User Friendly Product Menu Creator

Create your menu in Smart Retail with this easy to use interface. Select products from your product list to appear in the correct category or sub category. You have the freedom to setup your products in the way that makes most sense to you.

This makes it easy to find products when invoicing or quoting not using a bar code scanner.

The category and sub categories are displayed in a tree view, making it easy to manage the location of the products within the menu structure.

User Friendly Touch Screen

The Smart Retail touch screen makes checking out products and processing products easy and fast. The buttons can be colour coded as you choose and the navigation through products is based on the product categories and sub categories.

Users have limited access to features based on their access rights. This makes it impossible for the teller to checkout products at the incorrect price or with excessive discounts. Each person sees what they can and this speeds up the checkout process.

Multiple payment methods are integrated as well as split payment (e.g. cash and card on the same sale) options.

Senior staff can access more sensitive information and perform tasks that junior staff can’t.

Reports about all aspects of your business

A wide selection of standard reports is available. There’s probably more reports than you need available ‘out the box’. If there is something specific you require talk to us and we’ll see how we can make it possible.

Automated Reports

Smart Retail can be setup to email you the reports you want when you want them. Stay in touch with your business even when you are out of the office.

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